The main and the prime goal of our company is to provide world-class VoIP Termination services. The work on improving quality and lowering prices does not stop for a minute.

FLUXOID IT LP is incorporated in Scotland United Kingdom. The address of the Company Head Office is Suite 1, 4 Queen Street, Edinburgh, EH2 1JE, Scotland, United Kingdom.

Our routing plan is designed specifically for VoIP service providers, and it is perfect for any business.

We provide the highest possible quality of ASR & ACD at affordable prices. This allows our customers to be competitive in any market situation.


Our mission is to provide our customers with the best quality services and to keep prices as low as possible. We build relationships with our clients on a mutually beneficial basis; therefore, the success of one side automatically leads to success of the other side. That is why we are always ready to facilitate our customers ‘ success as if it is own success, for these concepts are almost identical. It is through this approach to business we can expand your client base.

The demand for telephony services is growing most rapidly in the segment, which provides the highest quality at the lowest prices, so FLUXOID IT LP concentrates all its efforts to provide customers with exactly what they are interested in. In this work we are assisted by a skillful use of the latest technologies and continuous professional development of the staff.

FLUXOID IT LP proudly reports that we can really provide customers with the best quality services at minimum price. Our services can be provided anywhere in the world.


We are constantly improving our technologies and services, seeking that all customers consider us the best VoIP provider. In order to provide the services that the customer really needs, we delve deeply into the essence of all business sectors, so we can offer the most effective solutions for any industry. Working with us eliminates all barriers to communication, making it clear, constant, convenient and safe.

Long-term practice shows that only those companies that use excellent VoIP services achieve significant success and advance of their competitors.